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The Bolhar company reserves the right to change and amend these general terms and conditions without prior notice.

All data and information published on the website shall be obligatorily verified with our employees prior to their use. The same is true for all other websites which might be accessible through hypertext links. It is your own responsibility to make links with such types of websites.

The data on the website are of a pure informative nature, therefor the Bolhar company does not take over any responsibility for eventual mistakes in their contents and accuracy which might occur due to temporal non-compliance, mistakes in entering data and other unforeseeable causes. The contents published on this website or on its links might include inaccuracies, typing mistakes, grammar or typographic errors. The Bolhar company expressly excludes the responsibility for such mistakes and errors.

The Bolhar company is not obliged to update the website contents but may change them at any time and without prior notice. However, it reserves the right to change and amend the contents.

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The Bolhar company

If these General Terms and Conditions are infringed, the Bolhar company reserves the right to pursue all legal actions and rights, including the right of blocking the access to the website from a certain web address.

Reasons for collecting personal data
Personal data are not processed by the data manager.

User’s personal permission
The data manager ensures that the user can give a personal consent where necessary, without a confirmation box filled out in advance. The users’ personal consent is a voluntary expression of their will that their personal data may be processed for a definite purpose. The consent is given on the basis of information provided by the data manager by means of these legal conditions.

Direct marketing
The data manager does not use any personal data for the purpose of direct marketing.

Transfer of personal data to third persons

The data manager does not transfer any personal data to third persons.

Storage of personal data
The data of the user which sends an inquiry are not stored on the website The data are transferred directly to the email address and are used only for the communication with the user.

Use of cookies on the website:

The manager of the website and of all data connected with it is:
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Types of cookies, their purpose and lifetime:
Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information which are downloaded to your device.. Cookies help webpages to load faster. This website uses the following cookies:

Cookie name: _ga
Cookie purpose: Google pageview statistics

Lifetime: 30 days

The website manager provides notice without consent, to the extent applicable for these cookies:

Cookies, which are necessary exclusively for conveyance of a communication over an electronic communication network,


Cookies, which are strictly necessary to ensure the information society services, explicitly requested by the subscriber or user.

The manager provides notice with consent of the user in all other cases. Users are properly informed about the possibilities of setting cookies. The manager does not use cookies, which require user consent to install, without the explicit consent of the user. The manager provides the possibility of subsequent changes to the user’s consent by retaining the notice in a prominent place on the website.